01-Skyline_Title_revisedThere are people amongst uswhose long-term chances of illnessare much higher than anyone realises
02-Street_Scene_revisedThey are overweightbut the surprisingandworrying truth is...their weight problem is invisible to usThey are our childrenAsk yourselfOf all the children youknowHow many do you thinkare overweight?The chances are...you just guessed wrong!
03-Bowling_Pins_aRight now two in every ten 4 to 5-year-oldsare overweightBy age ten to eleventhis raises up to somewhere between three and fourin every ten kidsLets think about that for a second...
04-Classroom-revisedAs human beings were just terrible at spottingwhen children are overweightAs human beings were just terrible at spottingwhen children are overweightIn a classroom of thirty kidsOn average around 12 of them will be overweightOn average between six and twelve of them will be overweightI bet you didnt think it was that many
05-Russian_Doll_Map-revisedOf course, being overweightisnt just a problemfor childrenMore and more of usare becomingoverweight everyyear in the UKThis is a problem thatdoctors, scientistsand politicians havebeen trying to solvefor over 40 yearsdoctorsscientistspoliticiansBut why are experts so worried about this?